Breath which turns towards itself

Blown glass forms which encapsulate the full breathing cycle.


Respiratory Lancet Cover, Feb 2016

Breath turned towards itself was inspired by a conversation with Professor Jane MacNaughton co Primary Investigator of the Life of Breath Project on the subject of capturing the in breath and was featured on the February cover of the Respiratory Lancet in 2016. Using molten glass to capture breathing, I created the sculptures using traditional glassblowing processes which involve exhaling into molten glass through a pipe. However, unlike traditional glassblowing, before the glass had cooled I inhaled back into the pipe. The resultant lung-like form demonstrates the force and motion of the in-breath. 

The idea of a breath turning back in on itself was one of my core considerations for creating the Roundseries, as were ideas of liminality and palimpsests; at every moment we overwrite each breathing gesture with that of the next.