Knitted Work


Envelop, quilt knitted from envelopes, The Biscuit Factory Gallery, Newcastle.


Jayne Wilton’s work explores the dynamics of exchange between an individual and their environment.Envelopes are used to protect and conceal an exchange of informationIn this knitted blanket made from envelopes she deconstructs the protective form of the envelope which protects correspondence and reconstructs from it a human sized blanketthe piece allows the viewer moments of discovery as they see part of a stamp, an unusual post mark or hand written address. The work explores how colourful a white envelope can be. 


Weighty Debate

Academic journals are deconstructed and re-crafted to create new forms.
A parallel is created between Wilton’s art works (which frequently act as records of breaths) and research texts, which can also be considered a collection of breaths transmuted into written form. 



The piece relates to the spaces we give ourselves to breath, moments of space to contemplate our increasingly busy lives. ‘When one bubble meets with another the resulting union is always one of total sharing and compromise- Human beings could learn a lot from bubbles.